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What is a spa bath? | HotSpring Spas

What is a spa bath?

Spa bath, spa pool, day spa, hot tub, Jacuzzi; there are a lot of terms used to describe machines that allow you to immerse yourself in bubbling water, which can make shopping for such a machine a confusing task. Understanding exactly what a spa bath is, and how it differs from the rest of these options, will make your shopping experience far easier and more fun.

In New Zealand the term ‘spa bath’ is used to describe indoor baths that feature massaging jets. Spa baths are usually found in the bathroom of the home and tend to function as normal, functional baths when the jets aren’t in use.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the terminology around spas, to understand the definition of each, and to clarify exactly what you should be shopping for in your situation.


What is a spa bath?

You usually shower before bed, but today’s been a long day. You decide instead to take the more luxurious route to personal hygiene and draw yourself a bath. Lucky for you, the bath in your bathroom is fitted with jets, so you can pour yourself a drink, light a few candles, and enjoy a tension-relieving massage.

In this situation you’ll step into a spa bath.

In New Zealand a spa bath is simply an indoor bath with jets. The water is filled before and drained after every session, and the bath can be used with or without the jets. While the primary purpose of a spa bath is to give yourself a good scrub, it can also be used for relaxation and alone time.

So how does this compare to an outdoor spa bath, spa pool, hot tub or Jacuzzi?


What is a spa pool?

Spa pools, also known as hot tubs and Jacuzzis (particularly in the US), are machines that are generally installed outdoors, and that are filled with chlorinated water that can be used for months or more before needing to be drained and refilled.

These machines aren’t built for you to clean yourself in them – they’re built for health, wellness, relaxation and fun. The jets tend to be carefully designed and positioned to offer the most indulgent massage possible, while a wealth of other features, such as LED lighting systems, Bluetooth sound systems, built-in chilly bins and full-length lounges can add to the fun.

Spa pools come in a number of forms, including in-ground and inflatable, but the most popular are the portable, self-contained units. Unlike inflatables, these spas are sturdy, long-lasting and often packed with features, and unlike in-ground options, they can be easily drained, unplugged and taken with you if you move.

What is an outdoor spa bath?

‘Outdoor spa bath’ is another term used to describe spa pools. Let’s attempt to clarify all these terms by listing exactly what each means and when they’re used:

  • Spa pool: A small, chlorinated spa pool lined with seats and hydromassage jets.
  • Outdoor spa bath: A term sometimes used to describe a spa pool.
  • Hot tub: The American equivalent of the term ‘spa pool’.
  • Jacuzzi: A well known brand of spa pools that has become a byword for the product (like ‘Band-Aid’ is for small adhesive bandages.)

Hot tub vs spa bath

That’s the what, now let’s look at the why: why choose a spa pool/hot tub/Jacuzzi over a spa bath?

The choice between a spa pool and a spa bath comes down to intent; how you plan to use it. If you’re looking for a relaxing and fun addition to your backyard, a place where you can enjoy a solo massage, a romantic evening with your partner, quality family time or a fun Friday night with friends, a spa pool is the ideal solution.

If you’re instead in the market for an indoor soak, if you’re looking forward to enjoying alone time rather than sharing the experience with others, and if you see the purchase as more of a functional addition to your home than a fun one – i.e. you’re looking to clean yourself while you soak – a spa bath might be the right choice.

That said, ¿porque no los dos? – why not both?

If you’re keen to enjoy the delights of your very own spa pool, just steps from your own back door, there’s no better choice than a Hot Spring. But you needn’t take our word for it – find out for yourself by talking to our dealer today!


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