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Best spa pools for decks | HotSpring Spas

Best spa pools for decks

A backyard deck is a New Zealand household staple – a place where you can relax after a busy work day, party on a Saturday night, and spend quality time with family and friends. But there’s one way that you can make your deck even more relaxing, fun and fit for quality time: by adding a spa pool.

The best spa pool for your deck will depend on your situation. You’ll need to consider how much space you can spare, the seating and features you hope to enjoy, and whether you want to install it on the deck or into the deck. Happily, Hot Spring has a model capable of ticking every one of these boxes.

Should you install a spa pool on your deck? And if you do, which model is right for you? Read on to find out.


Can spa pools be installed on decks?

First things first: can a spa pool be installed on your deck? The answer to that question will depend on the build quality of your deck. When filled with both water and people, spa pools are particularly heavy machines that often weigh multiple tonnes, so you need to be sure that your deck can support that weight. While most professionally built decks will be strong enough, it’s wise to get a professional to check its maximum load capacity and that the surface is level and even.

If the structure doesn’t appear to be strong enough, there is another option: building a spa pool into the deck. You can either cut a section out of your existing deck and lower a spa pool in (provided the deck is the right height and there’s a strong enough foundation beneath), or you can put the spa pool in position first, then build a custom deck around it!


Why should I place my spa pool on the deck?

What are the benefits of placing a spa pool on or in your deck? Three of the most compelling include:


Elevated above the rest of the backyard, the best view on your property is generally found on the deck. And what better way to enjoy this vista than from the warm, bubbling and therapeutic waters of a Hot Spring spa pool!


By installing your spa pool on your deck, you place it just steps from your back door – perfect to make a quick dash from the house to the water on cooler nights. And by installing your spa in your deck, you don’t even have to climb into it – you can simply lower yourself into the soothing waters! (Stairs and handrails are also available to make on-deck spa pools more easily accessible.)

Use of space

Installing your spa pool on or in your deck can be a particularly smart use of space. Decks tend to collect things over time that rarely get used, like outdoor furniture, barbecues, garden tools and play equipment. The installation of a spa pool is an opportunity to make your deck space usable again, with some models, like the TriStar, designed to squeeze into tight corners. This keeps your new tub off the grass and doesn’t eat into the rest of your backyard space.

What are the best spa pools for decks?

The best spa pools for decks are portable spa pools, like the ones that we at Hot Spring are famous for. Unlike in-ground models (which are often custom made), our machines are built as entirely self-contained units that can be quickly positioned and installed anywhere that can take the weight. We will support you in determining the right position in your home or garden so you do not have to make this decision alone. 

The Hot Spring Highlife and Limelight Collection spas have 24/7 silent run filtration systems. There is absolutely no noise in the clean up mode - no circulation pump noise means no noise sound bouncing off decks or walls in the silent hours of the night. 

The best spa pool for your deck will be one that offers all the features you want, whether high-end hydromassage, automated water care technologies, market-leading efficiency, stunning style or built-in entertainment. It will be built to the highest quality standards and come with a generous warranty, to ensure you can enjoy backyard soaks for years, even decades, to come.

Hot Spring is one brand that ticks every one of the boxes above, and so many more.



How to install a spa pool on a deck

Installing a portable spa pool on or in your deck may not be as complicated as you think, particularly when compared to an in-ground or otherwise permanent spa pool, which can be a far more time-consuming and costly process.

If you’ve already found the perfect Hot Spring spa pool, simply follow these steps to install it on your deck:

  1. Get a professional to check the maximum load rating of your deck to ensure it can take the weight of your spa when it is full of water and people.
  2. Check whether your installation requires local government approval, and whether any safety guidelines like pool fencing or lockable covers apply.
  3. Take delivery of your spa pool and place it in your desired location.
  4. Connect your spa pool to plumbing and power. The larger the machine, the greater its water and power demands, so you may need the help of a tradesperson at this stage, though many Hot Spring models feature Plug’N’Play technology, which makes DIY installation a breeze!

The Hot Spring difference

Where some see DIY installation as fun, others see it as unnecessary and particularly frustrating work. If you’re after a super simple, hands-free, white glove form of installation for your new deck-bound spa pool, look no further than Hot Spring!

Our experienced team of delivery and installation experts is ready to take away the hassle of spa pool set up, allowing you to jump straight to the fun aspects of ownership. We do most, if not all, of the delivery and installation in-house, avoiding reliance on third-party contractors and ensuring we deliver the highest quality service every time.

We take the hassle out of spa installation and delivery with our free personal on-site inspection and measurement. We avoid curbside and depot drop-offs, instead placing your new spa right where you need it using specialised delivery equipment.

If you’re ready to decorate your deck with a spa pool, and enjoy all the incredible perks that a Hot Spring machine can bring, get in touch with your local dealer today, or book in a test soak!

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