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Best spa pool for families | HotSpring Spas

Best spa pool for families

Relaxing, fun and 100% device-free, a backyard spa pool can be the perfect way to spend quality time with your family. This is the reason that for many Kiwi households, the question isn’t ‘should I get a spa pool?’, but ‘which spa pool should I choose?

The best spa pool for your family will depend on your unique needs, wants and situation, but there are a few features that savvy buyers tend to look out for. A good family spa will be safe and secure, big enough for your family, and built in a high-quality, energy efficient and low maintenance way.

In this article we’ll look at the main questions and considerations that you should take into account when choosing a spa pool for your family.

What makes a good family spa pool?

What exactly does a good family spa pool look like? There are a few elements to keep your eye out for, including:

1. Size and seating layouts

Size is perhaps the most obvious consideration for anyone choosing a family spa pool. Your chosen model should at the very least be able to hold your family, though it’s usually wise to choose a spa with one or two extra seats, so that friends, partners and extended family can join in the fun. Consider the seating layout too – depending on the model this can include everything from simple bench seats to luxurious loungers, and you’ll want to find the right mix.


2. Jet arrays

Is there a health and wellness element to your decision to invest in a spa pool? Not all spas are created equal in terms of the relaxation, rehabilitation and recovery they can deliver, as not all spa pool manufacturers invest as heavily in jet technology as Hot Spring does. Tell your local spa pool expert about the type of soaking experience you’re looking for, and they’ll be able to match you with the jets that are capable of delivering it.



3. Build quality

Let’s face it – kids aren’t as careful with household items as the parents who buy them. With this in mind, a family shopping for a spa pool should look for one with robust build quality and made from high-quality materials that will last for years, or even decades.

4. Energy efficiency

Cost of living pressures affect many families. Despite the incredible benefits of spa ownership, the ongoing expense of a spa pool can feel like a financial bridge too far. But the truth is that if you make an upfront investment in an energy efficient spa, the ongoing costs in terms of power and water can be surprisingly low.

5. Maintenance requirements

Historically spa pool ownership was a constant battle with maintenance and upkeep, whether on the spa itself or the water within. Happily in recent years technology has come to the rescue. A suite of innovative water care systems means that Hot Spring spa pool owners enjoy less work and more play than ever, increasing both the amount and the quality of time you spend soaking with your family in water that’s always clean, clear, soft and fresh.

6. Safety and security

A spa pool can represent a hazard to young children… but only in certain situations. If you ensure your spa pool is always covered, and ideally surrounded by a safety fence (a requirement in certain jurisdictions), you can be confident that your backyard will be as safe for the little ones as it’s always been. All Hot Spring spa pools come with lockable, ASTM-approved safety covers for that added peace of mind.

What’s more, Hot Spring models have certified plumbing suction outlets that are designed to prevent little fingers and long hair becoming trapped in the spa’s intake outlets. Finally, all Hot Spring spa pools are independently laboratory tested to AS/NZ Standard 60335 certification and approved by the most stringent electrical authority in Australasia.


How many people do spa pools fit?

Spa pools come in a range of different shapes and sizes. The size of a spa pool can be measured in three main ways: by external dimensions, by internal volume, or by the amount of seats. The family spa category is usually considered to cover spas with at least four seats, though four-seater spa pools can range markedly, from the basic and compact, like the 775L Cascina, to the vast and luxurious, like the 1275L Triumph.

Hot Spring has spa pool models that feature as many as seven seats, which can comfortably fit most modern families. Roomier again is our range of Endless Pools swim spas, which combine traditional spa pool seating with a swim-in-place fitness system. The biggest model, the E2000, features seven dedicated seats. And when the propulsion system isn’t turned on it can hold even more people thanks to its wealth of standing room.

Are swim spas good for families?

Speaking of swim spas, could such a fitness system be a wise choice for your family? It certainly can, particularly if you’re an active bunch.

An Endless Pools swim spa not only offers the extra room described above, it also offers the fun and fitness possibilities of a self-generating current. By propelling a column of water down the centre of the spa, you and your family are treated to a unique swim-in-place experience – one that isn’t far removed from swimming in open water.

You’re not limited to swimming either; by adding any number of fitness accessories, such as the Underwater Treadmill, Aquabike, Water Rower and resistance bands, you can walk, run, cycle, row and exercise to your heart’s content! When you’re done being active, take a load off in the spa pool section, where you can soothe your tired muscles amongst a therapeutic array of jets.

No matter whether you choose a spa pool or a swim spa, your family will enjoy benefits that extend to the mental, the physical, and perhaps most important of all, the interpersonal.

All in all, there’s no quality time quite like the type found in the warm and bubbling waters of a Hot Spring spa pool.


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