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Is swimming good for you? | HotSpring Spas

Is swimming good for you?

Surrounded by oceans and dotted with rivers, lakes and geothermal pools, New Zealand is a country that has always had a deep connection to water. Swimming is a popular form of exercise up and down the country, and Kiwis are famous for their love of spa pools.

Unfortunately there are times when our close relationship with water can put us in danger. According to Water Safety New Zealand, our drowning fatality rate of 1.7 per 100,000 is quite high compared to other developed nations – Australia’s rate, for example, is 1.1.

Swimming, then, is not just a great way to stay fit, healthy and happy – there are times when the skill can save lives.

In this guide we’ll take a closer look at exactly why swimming is good for you, how to make the most of the activity, and the best ways for families to learn to swim.


Is swimming good for you?

First, to the central question of this article: is swimming good for you? The short (and rather obvious) answer to that question is yes, swimming is good for you.

It is an activity that can increase your fitness, health and wellness, while removing the harsh impacts that you might feel when exercising on dry land. It can also be a relaxing, almost meditative activity, particularly in a machine like an Endless Pools swim spa, which combines the luxurious warmth and comfort of a spa pool with the exercise of a swimming pool.


But, as mentioned at the top, perhaps the most compelling argument for swimming is that it can prove to be quite literally lifesaving. If you know how to swim, you can safely enjoy everything from the ocean to the backyard pool. If you don’t know how to swim, deeper bodies of water can be quite dangerous.

Why is swimming good for you?

Why is swimming so good for you? To find out, let’s dig a little deeper into the detail.

For life

Given the drowning statistics mentioned above, swimming is a crucial life skill in New Zealand. Parents play a key role in reducing the number of drowning fatalities, as children are at a greater risk of drowning. The earlier they learn to swim, the better. Practising swim safety, from surrounding pools with fencing, to listening to lifeguards at the beach, are also critical.

For health

Exactly how good is swimming for you? Aquatic exercise is proven to deliver the positive metabolic responses that lead to weight loss and that increase your fitness levels. It can burn a similar number of calories to dry exercises like jogging or aerobics, but with the buoyancy of the water counteracting gravity, it lacks the joint, muscle and bone impacts felt on land. For this reason many people find swimming a far more comfortable and enjoyable form of exercise.

For happiness

The diving reflex is a set of physiological responses that are automatically triggered when humans (and other mammals) submerge themselves in water. The most noticeable effect is that the heart rate drops, which can turn a swim into quite a meditative experience. This, by the way, is also a major reason why spa pools feel so relaxing. Exercise is also great for mental health.


Is it good to swim everyday? 

Is swimming every day good for you? Yes, just as any daily activity is good for you! To enjoy noticeable benefits from swimming, such as losing excess weight and increasing your fitness levels, you should aim to do at least 15-30 minutes of activity three times a week. But if you can make swimming part of your daily routine, perhaps before you go to work or as soon as you get home, all the better.

For a lot of Kiwis, the main issue is access. In order to commit to a regular swim, whether to teach your kids or to enjoy the health and wellness benefits, you need easy and convenient access to water. In an ideal world you’d have your own backyard pool, but do you have the necessary space or money?

With an Endless Pools swim spa, the answer is more likely to be yes.

Enjoy the benefits of swimming in your own backyard

Endless Pools swim spas deliver a tumble turn-free swim in a pool that measures just a few metres long. These clever machines generate their own current that they send down the centre of the spa, enveloping you in a strong, steady and fully adjustable stream of water. You can set your speed and swim all day without ever needing to turn around.

Endless Pools swim spas aren’t just ideal for exercise, they’re great for learning to swim as well. These compact pools are no more than 1.47m deep and 2.26m wide, so a learner can always either touch the bottom or grab the side for safety. Our swim spas also come with insulated, lockable covers that keep curious kids out as effectively as they keep the warmth of the water in.

With footprints as small as 8m², Endless Pools swim spas are designed to fit in more backyards. As portable, self-contained units, you also don’t need to worry about all the extra costs that come with installing an in-ground pool, such as council approval, engineering, excavation, installation and landscaping.

What’s more, Endless Pools is a Hot Spring brand, which means you’ll enjoy the same quality, efficiency and innovation that customers have come to expect from New Zealand’s oldest and most trusted spa brand.

Add in hydromassage functionality, and an Endless Pools swim spa offers a high-performance, luxurious, diverse and controllable environment that is ideal for any swimmer, from toddlers taking their first strokes to athletes training for their next competition.

Want to know what a swim-in-place experience feels like? Get in touch with your local Hot Spring and Endless Pools dealer to find out!


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