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How long does a swimming pool take to build? | HotSpring Spas

How long does a swimming pool take to build?

How long does it take to build a swimming pool? It’s a question that has something in common with ‘how long is a piece of string?’ — there are a wealth of factors that shorten or lengthen the time frame, including your choice of pool, your choice of contractor, and the efficiency of your local council. We can however offer up some average numbers.

Focusing on the most important factor – the type of pool – the answer to ‘how long does it take to build a pool?’ will vary: a year for a concrete pool, several months for a fibreglass pool, and less than a day for an Endless Pools swim spa.

But these average time frames only tell part of the story, and the actual pace of your swimming pool installation could be very different. So in this article we’ll dig a little deeper into the process of building a pool, to understand how long yours might take.

What are the steps to building a pool?

The stages of building a pool are defined by the type of pool you’re building. The process of building a pool out of concrete, for example, is very different to the process of installing a fibreglass pool.

Let’s look at the swimming pool construction process for an in-ground concrete pool as an example, keeping in mind that an above-ground, fibreglass or prefabricated pool installation process will usually be quicker and easier.

  1. Site inspection: A pool installation professional visits your property to understand your wants, needs and limitations.
  2. Design: The installer creates a design for your approval.
  3. Council approval: Building consent is obtained from local authorities.
  4. Excavation: The pool area is excavated.
  5. Frame and pre-plumbing: The skeleton and plumbing of your pool is installed.
  6. Concreting: Concrete is sprayed into the frame of the pool.
  7. Interior finishing: A multi-stage process ensures the surface of the pool is waterproofed and ready for tiling.
  8. Tiling: The interior of the pool is tiled.
  9. Equipment installation: Heaters, filters, cleaning robots and other pool equipment is installed.
  10. Handover and ongoing maintenance: The builder explains all aspects of your new pool, including upkeep.

Given the significant number of steps, how long does it take to build a concrete pool? While a committed installer might be able to get it done within a few months, it’s wise to budget a year or more for this type of build.

Factors that affect swimming pool build times

As you can see by the process above, building a pool can be a complex undertaking with a lot of moving parts. A number of factors can affect the timeframe of your pool build, in some cases bringing that first swim forward, but more often pushing it back.

The type of pool

The type of pool you choose has the largest impact on the construction timeline. How long does it take to install an in-ground pool vs an above-ground pool, or a concrete vs a fibreglass pool? Here are some approximate figures:

  • In-ground concrete pool: 4-12+ months
  • In-ground fibreglass pool: 2-4 months
  • Above-ground fibreglass pool: 1-2 months

But there is another option: one that can see you take delivery of a pool in the morning, and be swimming in it by the end of the day. A prefabricated, self-contained and fully portable Endless Pools swim spa.

The time of year

As the weather warms during spring, many people begin to dream of long summer days by their very own pool, and swimming pool companies are inundated with enquiries. By shopping for a pool in autumn or winter you can cut down your wait time.

Building consent

Most local councils aren’t known for their efficiency or urgency. Planning permits and building consent can form a significant roadblock in your swimming pool build, so it’s wise to send your paperwork in as early as possible, and keep in touch with the council to ensure it is dealt with in a timely manner.

Material and contractor delays

While your swimming pool builder may have given you a firm timeline for your pool installation, a number of factors lay beyond their control. A pool, particularly an in-ground concrete pool, is a group effort that requires electricians, plumbers, concreters, tilers, fencers, pavers and landscapers to complete.

If any of these contractors are delayed, whether by other jobs or due to material supply issues, your entire build can be held up.

Why wait? Install an Endless Pool in less than a day

Sure, building a swimming pool can be a complex and time-consuming process. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you choose your pool wisely, you can go from no pool to enjoying a backyard swim in less than a day! What’s more, your new pool can feel infinitely long, meaning you’ll never need to tumble again!

Which pool? An Endless Pools swim spa.

Endless Pools swim spas are completely portable, self-contained and surprisingly compact machines. They can simply be craned or rolled into place (on a suitably stable and even surface), powered, filled and turned on. Once the water is warm, you’re ready to swim… and what a swim it is.

Endless Pools swim spas feature a powerful propulsion system that delivers a strong, steady and fully adjustable current down the centre of the pool. Set your preferred speed, and you can swim for as long as you’d like without ever having to turn around.

No waiting for your pool to be built. No spending endless cash on a long and complex installation process. You don’t even need to leave your pool behind if you choose to move – you can take your portable Endless Pools swim spa with you!

Fitness, hydrotherapy, relaxation, weekend fun; an Endless Pools swim spa does it all. If you’re keen to experience the unique feeling of swimming forever while staying in one place, get in touch with your local dealer.

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