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Fastlane Pro vs. Remco Swim Jet | HotSpring Spas

Fastlane Pro vs. Remco Swim Jet

Swimming is the ideal workout. It can be as gentle or as high intensity as you like, while removing all the harsh impacts that are often felt in land-based exercise. This is why swimming is the exercise of choice for everyone from Olympic athletes to people with limited mobility. And for those with a backyard pool, this exercise is on tap.

But with most backyard pools just 10-15m long, a swim can quickly turn frustrating. You take a handful of strokes, then you hit a wall, so you turn around and start again.

Swim jets are designed to solve this problem. In this article, we’ll look at what a swim jet is, and compare two of the most popular: the Fastlane Pro and the Remco Swim Jet.

What is a swim jet?

Installed at one end of your pool, a swim jet creates a current for you to swim against. You can swim for as long as you like without ever hitting the end: close your eyes and it will feel like your pool is infinitely long!

Swim jets transport water from the pool, through a power unit, then out through a swim unit, which uses either jets or an impeller/propeller to create the current. They can either be built into a new pool, or retrofitted on an existing pool.

The Fastlane Pro and the Remco Swim Jet share a lot of similarities, but in this guide we’ll be focusing on the differences in these machines, to help you identify which might be the right choice for you.

Fastlane Pro vs Remco swim jet comparison

The Fastlane Pro and Remco swim jet systems solve the same problems in different ways. The first thing to note is that Remco offers an option to install their swim jets as permanent features in new swimming pools. But in this article we’ll be focusing on the Remco Retrofit Swim Jet, which is a more direct comparison to the Fastlane Pro.


Impeller vs propeller

The two swim jets use slightly different methods to generate their currents. The Remco Swim Jet features a small impeller which focuses a stream of water down the centre of your swimming pool, similar to the jet on a jet plane.

The Fastlane Pro takes a slightly different approach. The current is generated by a far larger propeller (400mm in diameter), which drives water through a conditioning grill.

The difference between the currents produced by these two systems is stark. The design of the Remco Swim Jet means that the stream it produces is quite narrow and turbulent, at least in comparison to the Fastlane Pro. Powered by its 40cm propeller, the Fastlane Pro creates a current that is far deeper and wider, while the clever conditioning grill removes turbulence, making for a smoother, more immersive swim.


The difference in these currents is why Remco offers an option to upgrade to a twin system that sees two jets placed side by side, because the fact is that one may not be enough for some customers.

But in terms of power, one Fastlane Pro is all you’ll ever need. Featuring a 5 hp motor as standard, you can be confident that your Fastlane Pro will feed you a challenging current no matter what level of swimmer you are.


Another key area of difference is in how these units are installed. The Fastlane Pro system features a hydraulic swim unit in the water and a power unit out of the water. The power unit is installed far from your pool to keep electricity away from the water. It uses clever hydraulics – the transfer of vegetable oil – to power and control the speed of the propeller.

The Remco Swim Jet has a similar setup – a remote power unit that feeds the in-water swim unit. The difference is that it drives the impeller with electricity – a low voltage current is transferred directly into the swim unit.


Which is the higher quality option: Remco or Fastlane Pro? Let’s take a closer look at the brands behind the products to find out.

Remco is a Melbourne-based pool cover company that was established back in 1986. In its own words, it has since become “the market leader in supply and installation of motorised, automated, multifunctional pool cover systems.” Remco swim jets are a more recent offering, and remain a secondary product line within Remco’s pool cover business.

As for Fastlane Pro, this is the company behind the world’s very first swim current machine, which it created in 1988. In the almost four decades since, the company has remained at the leading edge of swim jet technology, and is now offered by Hot Spring, New Zealand’s oldest and most trusted spa pool brand. This means that if you’re looking for swim jet support, you’ll have a network of dedicated dealers who are ready to help.

The quality of the swimming experience is also important. While the Remco swim jet cost may in some cases be lower than a Fastlane Pro, many customers feel that the volume, speed and smoothness of the Fastlane current is more than worth the price premium. It will ensure that you’ll want to use your swim jet more often, and enjoy a finer experience when you do.


Fastlane Pro: the ultimate swim jet

If you’re looking to transform your swimming or backyard lap pool into an endless fitness machine, one that offers the finest swim-in-place experience available, look no further than the Fastlane Pro.

A powerful propeller, a deep, wide and turbulence-free current, a clever hydraulic system that keeps power away from the pool; all in all, Fastlane Pro offers you an infinite swim of the highest quality. You might wonder how you ever did without it.


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