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Regular exercise made easy for Northland couple | HotSpring Spas

Regular exercise made easy for Northland couple

Northland couple Christine and Bob aim to enjoy their retirement and they firmly believe that regular exercise is an essential element of many happy golden years. That’s why they invested in an Endless Pools® swim spa from Hot Spring Spas.

Their narrow driveway meant a crane could not come up to their property to unload their swim spa. Hence, a helicopter drop off was the best option.

Watch the video of the Endless Pools swim spa being delivered...


Swimming in fresh water at home

Bob prefers to swim in fresh water, and it’s a bonus that the Endless Pools swim spa can be used in all weather conditions to maintain his fitness.

"The Endless Pools swim spa is the answer to our fitness requirements as we get older," Christine says.

Building fitness & strength with low-impact exercise

Resistance swimming is a great way to get enjoyable exercise, improve fitness and build strength - all while relieving pressure on joints. The Endless Pool also doubles as a spa pool with powerful yet soothing hydro-massage functionalities that lets you relax and wind down. The Endless Pool comes with a range of options, including a swimming mirror to check your stroke technique, and Bluetooth® speakers to enhance your fun and relaxation options.

Convenience of a swimming pool and a spa pool in your own backyard

A research shows that even after 10 years, 86% of Endless Pools owners tell us they still swim at least once a week. With the exceptional value and outstanding therapeutic variety that the Endless Pool swim spa offers, you can tackle your fitness and wellness goals without having to battle through traffic or crowds.

Experience the Endless Pools swim spa for yourself! Contact your local dealer for a test swim.

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