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Choosing a spa pool based on your personality | HotSpring Spas

Choosing a spa pool based on your personality

Spa pools are so much more than pools of warm, bubbling water. These adaptable machines can offer a surprisingly broad range of experiences, from a calm solo soak to a popping party. And with different machines designed for different uses, the experience you enjoy will to some degree be determined by the spa pool you choose.

Your ideal spa pool will depend on your personality. If you’re someone who appreciates secluded serenity, you might choose a smaller model fitted with a relaxing water feature. If your spa pool is a social investment, you might opt for a larger model full of light and sound.

Which spa pool suits your personality type? Find yours by browsing the personalities below and checking our expert recommendations!

The tranquillity chaser

Do you have a high pressure job? Are you constantly chasing after the kids? Are you simply the type of person who always wants to do more, and do it better, until everything seems to hit you at once? If you’re in serious need of some serenity, your very own spa pool is a fantastic place to find it – especially if you choose a model that’s built for the job.



Our recommendations:

  • The Freeflow Mini: The smallest spa pool in the Hot Spring range, the Mini might fit two, but it’s the ideal size for a single soaker.
  • The Highlife Jetsetter: Part of the premium Highlife collection, the three-seat Jetsetter offers water features and the Moto-Massage DX jet for high-end relaxation.

The relaxation pro

Perhaps you aren’t searching for respite from a busy and stressful life – you simply seek out relaxation because you enjoy it. A Hot Spring spa pool can form the liquid equivalent of an electric massage recliner, and if you add the right features, you can set up an underwater lounge room outside!

Our recommendations:

  • The Hot Spot Stride: Part of the value-packed Hot Spot range, the Stride pairs a full lounge including built-in pillow on one side with a pair of bucket seats on the other.
  • The Highlife Envoy: The perk of the Envoy, aside from its incredible list of features, is that all seats point to one corner, making an audiovisual system an ideal addition. Massage and movie anyone?

The hopeless romantic

Looking to spend more quality time with your partner, or perhaps inject a little spice into your relationship? Imagine a soak in the warm, massaging waters of your very own spa pool, a glass of bubbles in hand and not a single distraction getting between you. You can enjoy exactly that in the models below.

Our recommendations:

  • The Hot Spot TX 2: This cute and cosy two-seater, which forms part of our cost-effective Hot Spot range, is perfectly shaped to squeeze into that unused corner of your backyard, deck or balcony.
  • The Highlife Triumph: There’s no fighting for the best spot in the Triumph – this four-seater features two full-length lounges, making it ideal for a romantic soak.

The social butterfly

Some people see a spa pool as less an escape than an opportunity to socialise – and those individuals will look for comfort and capacity above all else: two things that the spas below offer in spades. If you’re a social butterfly, you could do far worse than choosing the following spacious and luxurious models.

Our recommendations:

  • The Highlife Vanguard: Am opulent six-person spa pool where every seat offers a unique massage treat, the Vanguard is ideal for social occasions.
  • The Limelight Prism: The largest spa pool in the Hot Spring range, the Prism is built to host seven in perfect comfort, with each soaker given what feels like their own acreage.



The party animal

There’s a subtle but meaningful difference between catching up with friends and hosting a proper party. If your reason for investing in a spa pool is to invite a crowd over on the weekend and stay up until the early hours, you’ll want a spa pool built for festivities, and which offers the sort of entertainment that a proper shindig demands.

Our recommendations:

  • The Hot Spot Rhythm: A surprisingly compact seven-seater that allows every soaker to see one another, the Rhythm was built to bring people together for a good time, and at the right price.
  • The Limelight Flash: A more generously featured and proportioned version of the Rhythm, the Limelight will form the hub of the party thanks to interior and exterior lighting, and the option of adding a Bluetooth sound system.

The wellness whiz

The health and wellness benefits of spa pools are well documented. This is why an ever-increasing number of health-conscious individuals are turning to spas to offer convenient treatment and relief for all manner of ailments. There’s nothing more revitalising than a morning soak or more relaxing than an evening soak, and when you submerge yourself daily, the benefits only grow.

Our recommendations:

  • The Highlife Jetsetter LX: Fitted with the Moto-Massage DX, the world’s first moving spa pool jet, in the Jetsetter LX you can expect a soothing stream of water to work up and down your spine and offer unmatched levels of relief.
  • The Endless Pools E500: Hydrotherapy in your own home? The Endless Pools range offers exactly that, by delivering a current that you can walk or swim against. And the compact E500 model also offers seated hydromassage for those all-important warm-ups and cool downs!

The amateur athlete

Does moving your body bring you joy? Do you get satisfaction from keeping yourself in peak physical condition? Spas don’t necessarily have to be a sit-down affair, as demonstrated by the Endless Pools swim spa range. Set the current to your preferred speed, then swim, jog, row and even cycle to your heart’s content.

Our recommendations:

  • The Endless Pools E550: The E550 is a purpose-built fitness machine. The hydromassage seating is removed – though the jets remain – leaving you a more expansive pool ready for activity.
  • The Endless Pools E2000: The ultimate in swim spa technology can be found in the incredible E2000, which features a dedicated swimming section paired with a separate hydromassage area.

Still not sure which spa pool or swim spa is right for you? Good news: our extensive network of Hot Spring dealers always have an array of models full, warm and bubbling, so you can try before you buy!

Get in touch with your local dealer and book a test soak today.

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