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Best large spa pools | HotSpring Spas

Best large spa pools

Best large spa pools

Room to lean back, to relax, to melt into the warm, jet-fuelled waters. Immersing yourself in the warm waters of a spa pool is a luxurious experience no matter the machine, but the larger the spa, the more room you have to soak it in. Large spa pools are perfect for families, for social butterflies, and for those who simply like to spread out during a soak. But which is best?

The best spa large pool will depend on your situation. To get the right size you need to consider the external dimensions, the internal volume, the depth of the seats, the width of the seats, and the number of seats and most importantly, how large the footwell is and its depth. Many spas have lots of seats but are shallow and have little space to stretch your legs out. Other considerations include features, maintenance, warranties, build quality, delivery and installation.

And all of these are boxes that a Hot Spring spa pool will tick.

Finding the best large spa pool is about understanding your situation, then finding a model to suit. In this article we’ll take a look at how to do exactly that.

How big can a spa pool be?

First things first: how do you define a ‘large’ spa? Spa pools are measured in two main ways: by dimensions like external measurements and internal volume, or by the number of seats.

The largest spas in terms of seat count in the Hot Spring range feature space for seven people. But these spas vary quite dramatically in terms of physical size. The Monterey, part of the entry-level Freeflow range, measures 221 x 196 x 86cm and has a volume of 1200L. The Prism, part of the Limelight collection, measures 280 x 231 x 97cm and holds 1900L of water. And there are a wealth of other seven-seater spas that sit somewhere in between.

If we broaden our definition of a spa pool, we can find models even larger than the Prism. Endless Pools swim spas offer hydromassage seating alongside the opportunity to swim in a current, and the largest of these machines, the E2000, has seating for seven, while measuring 610 x 147 x 226cm and holding 8,896L.

It’s important to note that bigger isn’t always better. The larger the spa pool, the more backyard space you’ll need, the more water and power you’ll use, the more surfaces you’ll have to clean, and the stronger your foundation will need to be. There’s not much point in getting a large spa pool for the sake of it. It’s more important to choose a spa that is the right size for your situation.


What is the difference between a spa pool and a swim spa?

As mentioned above, the largest backyard spa option at your disposal comes in the form of a swim spa. On top of the hydromassage seating found in a normal spa pool, these machines are built to also offer a unique swim-in-place experience.

Endless Pools swim spas feature a large pool of water on one side. A system of powerful jets pushes a strong and steady current down the centre of this pool, which creates a unique, smooth, tumble turn-free, swim-in-place experience. Despite measuring only a few metres long, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in open water!

Beyond the swim-in-place functionality and the size difference, Endless Pools swim spas and Hot Spring spa pools feature much the same functionality. Both offer heavenly hydromassage. Both grant you ultimate control over the water, in terms of temperature, jet pressure, water care and more. Both come with lighting, sound systems and water features. And both look stunning.

Considerations when choosing a large spa pool

If you’re in the market for a large spa pool, what are the questions that you should ask, and the factors that you should take into account? Some of the most important considerations include:

Seat count and layout

How many people will want to soak in your spa pool at any one time? Perhaps you’re looking for a spa pool that will fit your family or a group of close friends. Maybe you have a household of just one or two, but are looking for a large spa because you like to host parties. Try to identify the maximum number of seats that you will reasonably use.

Take a moment to consider the layout too. Is there space to fully stretch out your legs? Hot Spring models offer bench seats, bucket seats, captain’s chairs and full-length lounges in all manner of arrangements.

Dimensions and weight

How much room do you have to spend? Space may not be an issue if you boast a huge backyard, but many prospective spa pool owners will either have limited space, or will be hoping to put their spa pool in a specific location that may struggle to accommodate the largest models.

External dimensions aren’t the only important size factor. When full, spa pools are rather heavy machines. You need to ensure your foundations are strong enough, particularly if you plan to place your spa on an elevated structure like a deck or balcony.

Hydromassage jets

The headline act of any spa pool is its hydromassage jets, but not all spas offer the same level of relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation. If you want specific needs met, speak to your local spa pool expert to find a model capable of delivering the type of massage and soaking experience you’re after.




A spa pool should be a long-term investment – one that will last for years (perhaps even decades) to come. You should look for a spa pool built by a long-standing and reputable brand, using high quality parts and materials, and that comes with generous warranties.


Large spas use more water and more energy than small spas, which makes energy and water efficiency critical. Look for a well-insulated spa that offers state of the art water care technology that reduces the need to drain and refill.

Delivery and installation

Depending on the size of your chosen spa and the accessibility of your backyard, the delivery and installation of your machine could be a complex and time-consuming process. Take the weight off your own shoulders by looking for a dealer who offers a complete delivery and installation service.

What is the best large spa brand?

The best large spa pool will be one that ticks all of the boxes listed above. And in Hot Spring you have Exhibit A:

  • We offer a complete range of spa pools in all shapes, sizes and layouts, as well as our Endless Pools swim spa range.
  • No spa pool manufacturer makes as heavy an investment in hydromassage jet technology as Hot Spring does.
  • Hot Spring spa pools feature high-end materials and robust build quality, and we offer spare parts for a minimum of 20 years. You can expect to enjoy your machine for years to come (or even decades!)
  • Hot Spring spa pools are independently verified as the most energy efficient on the market, costing as little as $1 a day to run. And cutting-edge water care technologies like the FreshWater Salt System keep your water clean, clear, soft and fresh for up to a year!
  • At Hot Spring we also aim to take the hassle out of spa installation and delivery. Our experienced team can help you identify the best place for your spa, then use specialised equipment to deliver and install it.

By leaning on our expertise, and perhaps even enjoying a test soak, you’ll find the perfect spa for your situation. And no matter what size Hot Spring spa pool you choose, you’re guaranteed a luxurious experience.

Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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