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Are endless pools worth it? | HotSpring Spas

Are endless pools worth it?

In some ways it sounds like a riddle. A pool that measures just a few metres long, but that you’ll never reach the end of. But this isn’t a joke or a trick question. It’s an endless pool – a compact machine capable of creating its own current and speed that you can swim against for as long as you want, without ever needing to stop or turn around.

An endless pool can prove a worthwhile investment for many reasons. Capable of offering a variety of aquacise, these machines offer low impact, high energy workouts perfect for everyone from the elderly to elite athletes. What’s more, they offer luxurious hydromassage, a place to socialise and an ideal setting for rest and relaxation.

If you’re the sort of person who could benefit from any or all of the above, an endless pool is more than worth it. But to find out exactly why, let’s take a closer look at these clever machines.

What is an endless pool?

Endless pools are true swim spas. They are machines that generally measure 3-6m long and around 2m wide. They feature powerful jets at one end that are capable of generating a wide, deep and low-turbulence column of water that flows down the centre of the spa – a current that can be altered for speed that you can swim against.

Unlike lap pools and swimming pools, you never need to turn around in an endless pool – these are 100% tumble turn-free zones. They offer exactly what it says on the packet – an infinitely long swim, similar to what you’d enjoy in open water. A high quality swim spa, like the Endless Pools E-Series collection, creates a current so powerful, smooth and customisable that if you close your eyes there’s really no way to tell you’re in a swim spa, not a lake or the open ocean!

The self-generating current of an endless pool presents the opportunity for a wealth of other exercises too. You can enjoy hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, a light jog on an underwater treadmill, a spin on an Aquabike, or full body workouts with the help of resistance bands or a rowing kit.

All Endless Pools swim spas also come with hydromassage jets that allow you to warm up before a workout, cool down after, or simply enjoy your swim spa as a spa pool where you can relax and socialise.

Do endless pools really work?

It all sounds rather space age – can such a compact machine really create such a powerful and immersive current? Does it really feel as though you’re swimming in open water when you’re not actually going anywhere at all? If you choose your swim spa wisely, the answer to both is a resounding ‘yes’!

The quality of any swim spa experience is primarily determined by the propulsion system that generates the current, and some are better than others.

Take the Endless Pools E-Series as an example. The hydraulically-powered current generator found at one end of the machine is capable of moving up to 19,000L every minute, at an almost Olympic speed of 1:08/100m – though it can also be adjusted right down to 5:00/100m – a slow doggy paddle. Not only is this current strong, it’s also wider than your body, deeper than your stroke, and perfectly laminar, free of turbulence even at full power.

In short, yes, if you choose the right machine, endless pools really do work!

What are the benefits of an endless pool?

Why invest in an Endless Pools swim spa? There are a wealth of reasons why these machines are an incredible investment for your lifestyle, your family and your property, including:

Aquacise on tap

There’s a reason why swimming and aquatic exercise are so enjoyable. With buoyancy counteracting the effects of gravity, muscles, joints and bones aren’t hit with the constant impacts felt during a workout on dry land – this form of fitness is low impact, but in terms of cardio it can be every bit as intense. This makes swim spas ideal for everyone from the elderly and those with limited mobility, to professional athletes and gym junkies. And by placing an endless pool in your backyard, aquacise is always on tap!

A variety of workouts

Unlike a lap pool, which is built for swimming and swimming only, the current in an endless pool can be used for a wealth of exercises. At Endless Pools we offer a collection of accessories that transform your swim spa into the ultimate fitness machine: underwater treadmills for jogging, Aquabikes for cycling, rowing kits, resistance bands, swim tethers and more.

Home hydrotherapy

Pain relief, improved circulation, better sleep, greater mobility, reduced stress and anxiety; the benefits of hydrotherapy – therapies conducted while immersed in 33-36C water – are well documented, but accessing a hydrotherapy pool can be difficult in some parts of NZ, particularly rural areas. By investing in an Endless Pools swim spa, all these benefits are placed just steps from your back door!

Year-round use

The presence of powerful heaters and efficient insulation in an endless pool also means that unlike swimming pools, lap pools and the open ocean, the temperature of your swim spa water can be kept at the perfect level all year round. Being able to enjoy your swim spa no matter the season ensures you get maximum value from your investment – unlike other pools, it won’t lay dormant for half the year!

A place for fun and relaxation

While the swimming and aquacise capabilities are impressive, an Endless Pools swim spa is far from a one-trick pony. On top of it being your very own personal trainer and hydrotherapist, these machines can also turn into day spas and party hosts! Every Endless Pools model features hydromassage jets, usually as part of a separate (and ultra-luxurious) spa pool section. This makes your swim spa the perfect place to rest and relax, or you can turn on the lighting and optional entertainment system for a bit of weekend socialising!

Compact and cost-effective

Lap pools are seen as signs of opulence for a reason – they take up the sort of space that most of us don’t have, and between council approval, excavation, installation, fencing and maintenance, they can be incredibly expensive. An endless pool is not only a far more compact and cost-effective option, it also offers all of the incredible benefits mentioned above. A lap pool simply can’t compete!

How often do you change water in an endless pool?

Changing the water in your swim spa is much like changing the water in a spa pool – the frequency will depend on a variety of factors, including how much you use it and the climate in your area. But perhaps the most important factor is the water care technology in your machine.

Endless Pools swim spas feature high end water care technology designed to ensure your water lasts longer. By doing some basic water care every week and month, you may only need to change your water once a year. You can find out more about swim spa maintenance here.

Are endless pools worth it? If you feel as though you’d benefit from easy access to hydrotherapy, hydromassage, relaxation fitness and fun, they most certainly are.

But why take our word for it? Get in touch with your local dealer today to book in a test swim, and discover the joys of an Endless Pools swim spa for yourself!

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