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7 tips to extend the life of your spa pool water | HotSpring Spas

7 tips to extend the life of your spa pool water

Whether you’re eco-conscious type or just trying to save a dollar, seeking ways to conserve water is good for Mother Nature and your back pocket. We owe it to ourselves and our environment to be as water efficient as possible – this includes extending the life of your spa pool water.

Most regular spa pools with a standard water sanitation system, have to be completely drained and refilled several times a year. These days, thanks to smarter technology, spa pools are equipped with a modern salt water system, such as the integrated, titanium cartridge-based FreshWater™ Salt System, which is exclusive to Hot Spring®. This means your spa water can last a whole year without having to be changed. That’s impressive!


Conserving water in your spa doesn’t involve much work. It just requires regular care and maintenance, a bit of forethought and some minor common-sense adjustments to your spa habits. To learn how the FreshWater System works and to discover more water conservation tips, please read on.


With traditional chlorine and bromine spa water care systems, sanitisers require frequent manual replenishment to kill bacteria and keep the water clean. Chemical residues can build up. These create odours and cause skin and eye irritations. Because of residue build-up, spas using these systems should be drained and refilled every three to four months. The FreshWater™ Salt System, available as an option on Hot Spring Limelight® Collection spas and Hot Spring Highlife® Collection spas, offers spa pool owners a better, simpler choice.

The titanium cartridge-based FreshWater™ Salt System generates chlorine from salt and automatically releases it into the water in slow, steady amounts, eliminating the need to add sanitisers manually to keep the spa clean. This not only makes water care easier, but also leaves no residue, keeping the spa water clear and silky on the skin and extending its life to 12 months. Longer water life means less draining and refilling, and less water wasted.

The FreshWater™ Salt System is easy to use. An intuitive prompt on the spa control panel reminds the spa owner to test the water every 10 days. With the touch of a button, the owner can adjust the chlorine output level. Cartridge replacement is needed only once every four months to keep the water clean and always ready to use. With proper maintenance and normal spa use, draining and refilling is necessary only once per year. Water conservation has never been simpler or more affordable.


Filters must be cleaned regularly. A quick check once a week will keep you aware of their condition. Look for cracks, wear and tearing when you inspect them. A brief rinse with a garden hose will clear them of contamination. High quality filters will last two to three years.


Quality spa pools come with a durable vinyl cover. When your spa pool is not in use, always cover it to prevent water loss due to evaporation. A cover in place also prevents contamination from fallen leaves, birds and insects. A spa cover greatly improves your spa pool energy efficiency by helping to regulate water temperature. This helps to reduce your power bill.




The best hot tubs are reliable and durable. Spa shells and cabinets should not crack or warp under normal use. Your best defense against a leak is to keep an eye on the water level and inspect the outside cabinet for moisture, also look at the area around the base of the cabinet for water every time you use your spa pool.


The most obvious way to conserve water is to keep it inside your spa. If the nozzles aren’t aimed below the waterline, some water may splash out. Over time, this could lead to spa pool water loss.


While your water care system will remove impurities in the spa pool water, you’ll want to do your part to prevent further tainting of the water. We recommend rinsing off quickly before entering your spa pool to remove oils, sweat and deodorant from your body and soap traces from your swim suit.


Instead of draining your spa pool into the gutter, reuse it as grey water. It’s not good for drinking, but it can be used to water (non-edible) plants, flush toilets and to wash your car, deck or house. If you plan to use spa pool water this way, you’ll need to let it sit in the spa, covered, for three days without adding chemicals.

If you’re shopping for a spa and concerned about water use, you can rest easy. With the FreshWater™ Salt System and some due diligence, you can do your part to be as water-efficient as possible and save a few bucks along the way.

Hot Spring Spas are manufactured with the highest quality materials available, backed by strong warranties and sold and serviced by experienced and knowledgeable local Hot Spring dealers throughout New Zealand.

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The FreshWater™ Salt System is an option for all NEW Hot Spring Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spa models. Talk to your local Hot Spring dealer to find out more.


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