Who is this event for? Anyone seeking to improve their overall health and well-being.

Is this wellness event free? This event is FREE to patrons who have purchased a ticket to the Land Rover Horse of the Year.

If I want to soak in the spa pool, can I? Yes, registered event attendees are welcome to soak in the allocated spa pools after panel of speakers.

What if I'm pregnant, can I still soak in the spa pool? Welcome to hear speakers however it is not recommend hot water immersion is safe while pregnant. 
What if I have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema or psoriasis, can I still use your spa pools? We recommend you only soak in our salt water spa pools. Our Highlife and Limelight spas are naturally chlorinated through the Freshwater Salt System and is much gentler on your skin - please let Hot Spring friendly staff know when you arrive. 

Will there be any yoga or movement? No, there will be some light breathing techniques involved. 

What shall I wear? We recommend comfortable clothes and bathers underneath - we do not recommend wearing your clothes in the spa pools. 

Do you have changing rooms? Yes, however we suggest wearing your bathers underneath your clothes. We will have portable changing booths to use before or after your spa soak if needed.

What shall I bring? Please wear your bathers and bring a towel to use after your spa soak.

How often are your spa pools treated? Our spa pools are treated and tested daily to ensure the water balance is correct and absolute best soaking experience. 

If you have any further questions you need answered please contact our event coordinator directly: info@hotspring.co.nz