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Trade-In Deal

Trade-In Deal - will be available from Thursday, 4 March from participating authorised Hot Spring Spa dealerships within New Zealand 

*Promotional Terms and Conditions

Promotional pricing and savings are based on Hot Spring Spas New Zealand LTD recommended retail price (RRP) and includes GST. 

To qualify for this minimum trade-in offer, you must trade in an existing spa pool or equivalent product that holds water including but not limited to paddling pool, bucket, kitchen sink, etc.  

The minimum trade in value is then applied as a discount to set spa packages from Hot Spring Highlife, Limelight and Hot Spot collections. Excludes Freeflow and Endless Pools products. If a spa pool is traded in and the value exceeds the minimum trade in value appraised, this value will be applied. The appraisal is based on Hot Spring Spas NZ Ltd trade in calculation sheet correct at the time of printing, however is subject to change without notice.  

These set spa packages are:  

  • Purchase from Hot Spring Highlife and receive a minimum $5,000 trade-in off set sppackage purchased with Bluetooth® Music (RRP: $2,090), Freshwater™ Salt System (RRP: $995), Cover Cradle (RRP: $995), Subwoofer (RRP: $295) and Polymer Steps (RRP: $495). 
  • Purchase from Hot Spring Limelight and receive a minimum $3,500 trade-in off set spa package purchased with Freshwater™ Salt System (RRP: $995), Cover Cradle (RRP: $995) and Polymer Steps (RRP: $495). 
  • Purchase from Hot Spring Hot Spot and receive a minimum $3,500 trade-in off set spa package purchased with Freshwater™ Ozone (RRP: $995), Cover Cradle (RRP: $995) and Polymer Steps (RRP: $495). 

Removal of existing old spas does not include any on-site costs such as removing fences, pergolas, hiab hire, extra labour, electrician costs etc. These additional costs are all the responsibility of the customer. Only portable spas installed above ground will be removed. No underground, partial inground or spas in decks or surrounds will be removed. 

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Delivery conditions may apply. Installation of pools and spas may require local body approval and vary from region to region and is the responsibility of the purchaser. Installation of a pool or spa must comply to NZBC F9 throughout New Zealand and is the responsibility of the purchaser to check with relevant local body authorities for further information.