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How To Buy

You are ready to improve your life as well as your house with a spa pool, but you are not sure where to begin your search? You might have questions, like, "How much can it cost? We understand which is why Hot Spring Spas New Zealand has created a Spa pool Buyer's Guide with you in mind – an easy, printable guide that guides you through each step of shopping for a spa pool, to answer these inquiries and much more, so you can buy with confidence. 

The Spa Pool Buyers guide takes you through the following:

Spa Basics

  • First questions you should ask yourself
  • Spa pool water care fundamentals
  • Discovering what spa pool features matter to you
  • What things to find in spa filtration systems
  • Estimating your monthly operating costs
  • Buying advice


Buying Advice

  • Choosing a spa pool brand
  • Finding a spa pool model
  • How to prevent common mistakes when purchasing a spa pool