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Click & Collect Terms and Conditions


Hot Spring Spas Click and Collect promotion is based on 10amp Hot Springs Spas spa pool models only and Auckland RRP. Promotion is available from Friday, 1 May to 18 May 2020 online at hotspring.co.nz and participating retail and dealer locations only. The free spa accessory package includes: power cord, steps, spa cover, fitted spa cover lifter and your choice of spa sanitation system valued over $2500. See hotspring.co.nz/click-n-collect for participating Click and Collect locations. Hot Spring plug in and play spa models may vary from region to region and subject to availability. Installation of a pool or spa must comply to NZBC F9 throughout New Zealand and is the responsibility of the purchaser to check with relevant local body authorities for further information. 10 amp / 240V are typical household power socket in New Zealand. The spa pool must plug in to a dedicated version of this, which means no other electrical appliance running off the circuit. Hot Spring Spas NZ Limited or any of its associated dealers can not be held responsible or liable for any costs associated to individual circumstances relating to the electrical systems of the customer home.