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Auckland resident reviews the ACE® Salt Water System | HotSpring Spas

Auckland resident reviews the ACE® Salt Water System

Peter White has owned quite a few spas over the years, but some bad experiences put him off for quite a while – until he discovered Hot Spring Spas and its ACE® Salt Water System.

Peter and his wife, Lorraine, are retirees living in Northcote Point. Their Hot Spring Highlife Grandee spa provides relaxation and relief from aches and pains, then when the children and grandchildren turn up, it’s playtime!

It wasn’t always that way, however.

“We’ve owned different brands of spas over the years and they were always a lot of work,” Peter says. “Our previous spa, which we bought in 2000, gave us nothing but grief. There were numerous technical problems and constant leaks, but the chemicals were a major issue for us because we’re pretty fussy about hygiene.”


Salt water system is ACE!

“I can’t get over how easy the pool is to maintain.”

The constant problems turned Peter away from spas altogether until a couple of years back, when he heard about Hot Spring and bought the Grandee model fitted with the ACE Salt Water System.

“It’s been superb,” he enthuses. “I can’t get over how easy the pool is to maintain; once you get it set up right, it really is a very, very simple process of keeping that water looking great.

“The feel of the water is nice – there’s also little or no smell to it, but what I like is the simplicity of the ACE Salt Water System. With a little bit of attention it does most of the work, which has not been our experience with other systems, where you have to be a pool chemical specialist.

“We’ve recommended it to other people and would recommend it very strongly. We very rarely have to touch the pH in it apart from when we set it up, and as long as you pay attention to what output level you want it on, depending on how much use, people comment that the spa just looks crystal clear.”

Peter is also fulsome in his praise for the support offered by Hot Spring.

“The ACE Salt Water System was the main reason we chose Hot Spring, but we were also impressed by its reputation for customer service. You couldn’t ask for more helpful, knowledgeable people.”

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