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Click & Collect Frequently Asked Questions

Why Click & Collect for 10amp spa pools?

Hot Spring's highly efficient 10amp spa pools are designed to plug'n'play with no additional electrical costs*. In most cases 15amp, 20amp and 32amp spa pools require additional installation work to be completed by a qualified electrician. 

Why are you doing this?

During Level 3 we wanted to offer customers the opportunity to own and enjoy a Hot Spring much sooner without the additional hassle of electrical costs. With Hot Spring 10amp spa pools its just a matter of click and collect from your local Hot Spring dealer and plug'n'play.

Is it really just a matter of plugging in a 10amp spa pool?

Your standard household power points are 240v 10amp systems, these are what we plug our household appliances into such as fridge, toasters and screen devices.

This range of 10amp Hot Spring spas also plug into the same outlet, however we do recommend plugging your spa into a dedicated circuit i.e nothing else runs off this circuit. We do not recommend using an extension cord on your spa.

The power cord that is supplied with your Hot Spring 10amp spa is a 10 metres power cord and is fitted with its own ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) Safety Device.

You should consider costs if your power point is not within 10 metres of the spa location or you need to upgrade an old circuit.

I don't live near a Hot Spring dealership, can I still Click & Collect?

Yes, our sales professionals will arrange a transport company to deliver to your nearest collection depot. However, additional delivery charges may apply. 

How much does Click & Collect cost?

Click & Collect is free within all dealer serviceable areas. To find your local Hot Spring store locator please click here. Additional charges may apply outside these regions - Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Palmerston North, Taranaki, Tauranga, Kapiti, Napier, Taupo, Rotorua, Queenstown and Christchurch. 

How long does it take to heat a Hot Spring spa pool?

In most cases spas, allow up to 8-24 hours to heat a spa pool to 40 degrees, however it largely depends on the size of your spa, ambient outside temperature and the customer's desired temperature to comfortably soak. Smaller spa pools take a lot less time to heat, whereas larger spas may take longer.

Why does it take 3 - 7 days before I can collect my spa pool?

In most cases, it will take a lot less time for your spa pool to be ready for collection. However we're allowing time to install your accessories like cover cradle and sanitation system.

What happens if I don't own a trailer or a ute?

We recommend a suitable sized trailer which can be hired through your local hire company or service stations. You will need to make your own arrangements to hire a trailer and transport your spa safely.

Will your full range of spa pools be available for Click & Collect?

Currently this service is promoting our super easy 10amp plug in spa models. However as our delivery teams are extremely busy right now you can still purchase our other range of Hot Spring spa pool models, and pick these up from your local dealer or depot.

What time will the Click & Collect service be operating between?

The service will vary depending on your local Hot Spring store and dealership hours - please see store hours here

After I've placed my order, how long will it take before my spa pool is ready to be collected?

We have allowed for 3-7 days from the time your spa pool is ordered, purchased and ready to pick up. In most cases this time will be a lot less however our sale professionals will coordinate directly with you. 

I haven't been notified that my spa is ready yet. Why is this taking so long?

The spa pool you've ordered may be transported from our Auckland warehouse distribution centre to your Click and Collect location, causing the delay. We're sorry about this, however, if you have any further concerns please contact

How will safety be ensured during Click & Collect of my spa pool?

Our installation team will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Hygiene and Safe Distancing Policy that is in line with government guidance on operating safely under National Pandemic Alert Level 3. Under Level 3, our Hot Spring stores will be offering contactless Click and Collect: 

  • Practise safe distancing at Click & Collect designated areas. We will also have barriers, signage and other equipment to ensure social distancing
  • Ensure surfaces are wiped down each time a transaction has been completed
  • Ensure team members use gloves and face masks in case two or more people are needed to lift your package. As soon as lifting is completed, gloves will be disposed of safely and handwashing hygiene will be completed


How will customers be identified at the pick up location?

Please bring along your order number and valid ID when collecting your spa pool. We may also request your vehicle registration number so we can identify your vehicle upon arrival. 

What form of ID do you accept?

We accept a valid New Zealand Driver's Licence and/or passport. We will ask you to display your proof of ID upon pick up.

How will I know my spa pool is ready for collection?

We will email you when your spa pool is ready to be collected.

Can I also collect my spa pool chemicals from Click & Collect locations?

You can collect spa pool chemicals with your spa order however check with your local Hot Spring dealership if they offer this option within your region.

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